Literature review

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Although the Literature Review (also Literature Review) is one of the smaller scientific text forms at Europe’s universities, it is still a demanding academic achievement. With the literature research, students of all subjects lay the foundations for further scientific work – in the context of the bachelor thesis, the master thesis or the dissertation.

Assigning academic ghostwriters to the thematic research of scientific literature is one of the strategic moves of many students. In doing so, they fall back on research-proven authors who intensively research the relevant research literature and at the same time contribute their own source of specialist research to the research.

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Not only in the subjects of medicine, psychology or business studies literature research are important research modules of study. As a primary source of relevant research literature, they provide a structured research overview, mapping relevant research fields or methodically narrowing down research problems. By the way, regardless of whether the research is more in the direction of a critical review, or more of the source list in the context of term papers, seminar papers or bachelor’s theses. As with the academic review, essay, or exposé, our academic ghostwriters consistently tailor your academic literature research and / or review to a specific subject, based on the methodology and terminology relevant to your area of ​​expertise. This ensures that existing research work in your field is systematically taken into account and the required research relevance is legitimized.

A domain of our ghostwriters

Academic ghostwriters regularly undertake all academic research related to literature research (source research, commenting, writing) for students of all disciplines. But also for doctoral candidates, scholarship holders and junior scientists, the academic systematic literature review of our ghostwriter has proven to be an effective research instrument. For example, if meta-analyzes of study results are required or if a systematic research overview of the topic of the dissertation is to be given.

As a customer of our company, you benefit on the one hand from the enormous time savings that are made possible by the delegation of their literature research (review) to academic ghostwriters. On the other hand, you make use of the knowledge of seasoned academics and thus the special ability to keep track of the field even in the face of confusing fields of research. A comparably valuable academic help can usually only be provided by a supervisor at a university – as long as he takes the time to do so.

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