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Lay the foundation for your success Although the Literature Review (also Literature Review) is one of the smaller scientific text […]

Medical Writing – highest demands on ghostwriters in medical writing

As in other areas of science, there is a steady progress in medicine as well as an increase in knowledge. […]

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Like the diploma thesis of the traditional diploma courses, the master’s thesis for graduating with a master’s degree is one […]

Medical Writing – highest demands on ghostwriters in medical writing

As in other areas of science, there is a steady progress in medicine as well as an increase in knowledge. This growth means that more and more medical sub-disciplines are emerging, each with its own specific requirements for scientific writing. This has even led to the emergence of a new job profile – that of the Medical Writer.

How these requirements for medical texts look in detail depends largely on the type of text to be written: Should a course of treatment based on a single patient be presented as a case study? Should data be statistically evaluated in a retrospective study? Is the goal a cumulative doctoral thesis

Cross-sectional study, research proposal, dissertation or coaching – Medical Writer for all requirements

There are no limits to the possibilities of being supported by our team of authors. Whether you need help with statistical data analysis or professional advice on designing a patient study, writing a case report based on patient records, or customizing an article manuscript to meet the specifications of a specific peer-reviewed PubMed journal – our experienced medical writers Always at your side. In addition, we are pleased to assist you in writing your dissertation. Highly qualified authors are available for specialist lectures in almost all medical fields, such as palliative medicine, diabetology or anaesthesiology.

Journals, papers, journals – medical ghostwriters

All our Ghostwriters are graduate physicians and STEM researchers with diverse medical writing experience. Whether human or dental medicine – over 75% of our authors from the group of physicians are doing their doctorate. Every Medical Writer working for us has already published in journals and journals. Since we have a large number of authors from numerous disciplines such as biochemistry, biomedicine, pharmacology, molecular biology, immunobiology and the like. v. m. It is also possible for us to find the right Medical Writer for your project in every medical direction. Please ask without obligation for your medical publication.

Service portfolio and competence profiles

As already mentioned, our medical writers support you in the most diverse tasks of medical copywriting. These include in particular:

Statistical data analysis:

  • We support you with the data collection, the statistical evaluation of the material and the interpretation of the collected data.

Study and Experimental Design:

  • If you have questions about the study design or would like an independent professional assessment of a planned experimental setup, our medical writers will be pleased to help you at any time.

Adaptation of publications and format specifications:

  • Each medical journal has specific requirements for manuscript design, and these are sometimes highly complex. The Author Writers’ Medical Writers will tailor each manuscript to individual format specifications.

Grant Writing:

  • Our medical writers have a great deal of experience writing research proposals and are happy to assist you in applying for funding for your research projects and clinical trials.

These are just a few ways you can get support from our Medical Writer. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you realize your individual project.

Success through communication – a safe and anonymous accompaniment

Based on our many years of experience in the field of medical writing, we know that an intensive and anonymous exchange of information between you and your medical writer is one of the most important prerequisites for the success of your project. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to interact anonymously with your Ghostwriter for Medical Writing via the office ™ and exchange news and documents. Of course, all information and submitted files are treated absolutely confidential. Through our office, we ensure that you are always informed about the progress of your project and can ask your medical writer questions and provide feedback. In addition, during an anonymous initial conference call, you can explain the details of your project to your author. In this way, we ensure that your individual ideas and wishes for the realization of the contract are taken into consideration from the very beginning, so that every project that has been started is brought to a successful conclusion.